Family and Matrimonial

Family Matrimonial

We have a very people-orientated approach to working with clients. We offer a specialist and expert service to people who are going through divorce and separation issues, marriage and relationship breakdowns. If you are facing divorce, separation, domestic abuse or other family difficulties our experts will help guide you through this often distressing time.

We will offer you expert and affordable solutions on all family law matters including:

  • Divorce
  • Financial Settlements on Divorce
  • Cohabitation
  • Child Issues
  • Injunctions
  • Child Support Agency (CSA) and Child Maintenance

We will handle your case with sensitivity and care, and provide one-to-one support when you need it most. Our family law solicitors will take time to listen to you, explain your options and work hard to provide the best outcome for you.

Grounds for Divorce

Divorce in England and Wales is a reasonably straightforward procedure. The only ground for a divorce is on the basis of irreconcilable breakdown of marriage. This can be based on adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion for more than 2 years, 2 years separation with the other party's consent or 5 years separation. Unless basing the petition on 2 years separation you do not require the other party's agreement. Accordingly, unless you and your spouse have lived apart for two years or more, to secure a divorce in England, it is necessary to show some form of fault, i.e., either adultery or unreasonable behaviour.

Usually the divorce process takes between 3 to 6 months. Usually no court attendance is necessary during the whole process. We are experts in resolving problems such as where the other party cannot be found; or arising from foreign and international marriages.

Divorce Procedure

For most people the divorce procedure is very straightforward. Usually no attendance is required at court by you, your spouse or by your divorce solicitor. The entire divorce process takes approximately four to six months to go from beginning to end, although in most divorces the process can take nearer to 12 months taking into account the time it often takes to resolve financial aspects of the divorce.

Nearly all of the steps in the divorce are dealt with by the person who starts the divorce process (the Petitioner). The other person (the Respondent) takes very few steps.